Tips For Helping Your Child Get More Comfortable With Other Children

Posted on: 17 June 2016

One of the most difficult things about raising a child is socializing him or her, meaning making sure that he or she is able to interact with other children and other people in general on a regular basis. Unless you have other children that your child can interact with, your child might not know how to behave with other people and could end up becoming unpopular or feeling rejected. Here are some tips for helping to socialize your child so that he or she has an easier time going through life.

1. Enroll Your Child in Preschool

The first thing that you should do is enroll your child in preschool if he or she is old enough. This will allow you to make sure that your child is able to interact with other children in a safe environment where adults will be able to watch over him or her and offer tips and suggestions. You can likely find state-funded preschools near you if you are not able to afford to send your child to preschool. As a bonus, your child will be able to improve his or her language skills so that he or she is able to communicate more effectively as well as get ready for kindergarten.

2. Set Up Play Circles

See if you have any friends who have children the same age. Set up a playgroup with them. If you are not lucky enough to know people who have children who are the same age as your child, talk to your child's preschool teacher for help with getting in touch with other parents who have children in the class. Also consider going online to find events in your area, such as at the library, that will allow your child to interact with others more easily.

3. Treat Your Child Like a Small Adult

If you move around a lot and don't have time to set up any of these social circles, you can try to help get your child used to other people by treating him or her the same as other people would and by expecting the same sort of behavior that a stranger would. Enforce social norms such as not cheating at board games and waiting your turn to talk. If you can normalize other people's expectations of his or her behavior, you will be able to help your child get ready for the real world.

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